Welcome to Kiswebsites,
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This is what needs to happen to make a website live :

  1. You need to register an internet name, ( it’s called a domain name ) this is where you’ll be found ( it’s an address, very similar to your home or business address, but instead of being with Australia post, it’s with the main body the WWW ( World Wide Web ) business’s usually choose a name as close to their business name as they can, it only costs about $ 17 a year.
  2. Then you build a website, here at Kis we let you have a go and do it yourself for free ( and that includes 4 templates for you to have some fun with ) and yes it’s in wordpress ( that’s a programing language that Google likes, so you can move up the rankings ) WordPress is easy to use and do up, for the first time user it can take a few hours to get used to it, or you can get us to build one for as little as $300 or the premium ones for $400, or you can even get special customised one for a bit more with shopping carts etc.
  3. Then you pick what email address you would like at the front of your domain name, you now will stand out from your competitors who have the free Hotmail or Gmail accounts, and look professional.
  4. Emails are free here at Kiswebsites (within reason) go crazy and have fun, get a info@ and a Sales@ and your name@ don’t forget your wife and the little ones, they would probably just love their name as an email address, without the numbers and symbols you get at gmail or Telstra, just plain John@ or for fun try QueenJane@ or even princessruby@ ( your domain name ) you can have it all.
  5. Hosting, it’s what we have to pay for the www ( World Wide Web ) at the front of the website, that is what you have to pay yearly to keep your address current, meaning your website and email addresses have to be parked somewhere to let people know where you are, and how to find you. Here at Kiswebsites we pride ourselves on being the cheapest hosts in Australia, only $100 a year, most people charge $20 per month, or $10 a month but you have to pay 10 years in advance, we like to look after people and help where we can.
  6. SSL it’s to do with your security, google will not look through your website without an SSL certificate, they are about $50 a year or $85 for 2, it certifies your site as being clean and much much harder to hack, and lets people know your site is secure, and their information ( if they type it in, is not going to be hacked or sent somewhere bad ) it’s a necessary evil like insurance I’m afraid.
  7. There are ways to check your website to make sure it’s working properly, and there are ways to check the words you’ve used will get you more business, feel free to research this on google, or simply email or call us and we’ll explain it to you, ( this can get a bit technical ) and I’d really like to keep this part as simple as we can.

I sincerely hope that has enlightened you as to what a website entails, and if not, please just call us, or email us, it’s free, we really are here to help, even if you have a domain with someone else, we don’t mind, this company was setup to help people not get ripped off by all the money hungry dodgy people out there, taking advantage of people who don’t know any better, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good guys out there, thank goodness, and we just want to make sure you’re going to get as much business as you can, that you’re going to prosper and that you don’t forget to have fun.

Please if you have any questions just email us at [email protected] or call us at 0370193090 we just want to help you.